Frequently Asked Questions
What qualifications does Superior Walls of America look for when screening licensee applicants?
We consider business experience and vision, financial liquidity, education and personal experience, as well as the willingness to follow a technical system.
How long have precast foundations been around?
Superior Walls of America pioneered the residential process in 1981 and obtained the first of many patents for our system in 1986.
What is the level of product acceptance in the marketplace?
Superior Walls are in demand with builders and homebuyers, and market share continues to grow. Research by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) confirms that a majority of builders who have used Superior Walls prefer them over other methods and will continue to use them in the future.
Why become a Superior Walls licensee?
The demand for and use of prefabricated building components is steadily increasing. With the continued labor shortages that plague the building industry, product demand is expected to remain high. In fact, industry research shows that within the next several years, most new homes will be built using prefabricated structural components.
Why choose a Superior Walls licensee over a competitor?
Superior Walls of America is the original residential precast foundation system, and has established brand acceptance and recognition. We’ve set the standard and continue to lead the way with ongoing product development, quality assurance programs, and certified employee training.
How are territories determined?
Criteria for determining a manufacturing area include geographic location, population density, housing start considerations, and additional factors. We also consider the relative distance to existing Superior Walls operations and the service level of that territory along with other planned SUPERIOR WALLS territories.
Does Superior Walls of America provide licensee financing?
We do not directly finance licensee start-ups, however, some licensees have found financing through the Small Business Administration (SBA).
What is the typical start-up time frame?
You are expected to begin manufacturing within 180 days, but you will want to start developing the market with sales and installations as soon as you become a licensee. Our existing licensee may supply you with product until you begin manufacturing.
What training does Superior Walls provide?
We have a training program for your key employees at both your location and our corporate headquarters. It includes assistance with building set-up as well as training and certification of emplyees in manufacturing, installation, and CAD software.
Does Superior Walls provide engineering support?
Superior Walls have been installed in over 30 states to date, and sealed engineering approvals are available when required. For commercial construction projects, you are required to obtain local engineering seals. Superior Walls will work with your preferred local engineer to facilitate those seals.
What about royalties?
There is a royalty payment to Superior Walls of America, due monthly, on gross sales of production volume from the prior month.

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