Manufacturing License Model
Brief Description
Licensees under this model manufacture Superior Walls Products for their own projects and developments, and do not sell to anyone else. This may include regional builders or developers who desire high quality, fast installations of their residential foundations and light commercial projects.
Licensee produces and installs foundations for their own projects only so there is no need for a defined territory. However, licensees are restricted from selling and installing foundations within the exclusive territories of other licensees.
License Fee & Royalty Fee
In the US - $85,000 (includes start-up training package); in Canada - US$125,000 (includes start-up training package), royalty fee is paid monthly on a $4 per-linear-foot-installed basis. There are other smaller fees associated with these licenses which are fully described in the Superior Walls Disclosure Document (FDD).
A portion of start-up training is at Superior Walls of America, Ltd. corporate facility in New Holland, PA, or at a facility designated by Superior Walls, and part of the training is at the licensee’s location. Training includes; technical training in products, systems, and applicable building codes, SuperWalls system CAD training, manufacturing, installation, as well as certification of trained employees.
Required Equipment Purchases
Minimum of 120 feet of adjustable Xi forms (capable of producing wall heights of 8’2”, 9’ and 10’), and 80 feet of 4 ft. forms for producing frost walls for garages and porches. This proprietary forming equipment is purchased from Superior Walls of America.
Facility Requirements
Wall manufacturing facility recommended but not required. Forming equipment may be set up outdoors on a level concrete slab. Portable crane can be used to lift cured concrete panels from the forming equipment and to load on flatbed truck. The same crane is used for installation of foundation walls on job sites.
Support Services by SWA
Phone and email support are provided after initial training, and if personal visits are requested, licensee may be required to pay daily fees and travel costs.
Candidate Qualifications
Best candidates are larger home building companies, looking for a high quality residential foundation system which allows them to speed up construction time, provide customers with green foundation solutions, and utilize a basement wall system that is easy and economical for the builder or homeowner to finish.
Superior Walls does not provide financing.
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