Next Steps
License Candidate Questionnaire
The first step is to request, complete, and return the License Candidate Questionnaire. Your answers will help us to understand the extent of your business experience and knowledge of the market area. It is also designed to help you develop questions for us as we move forward in the process.
Questionnaire Review
Once SWA receives your completed questionnaire, we will contact you for an informal telephone review session to clarify the information, and answer your questions. We encourage, and welcome any and all questions you may have of us.
Plant Tour
As your interest continues, you’ll want to join us on a tour of an existing license operation. On the tour, we observe and discuss the manufacturing process and talk about all aspects of running a successful Superior Walls business. We also like to include a job site visit where we can watch and discuss the installation process.
Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
When we first meet with you in person to discuss available license opportunities, we will provide you with a copy of our FDD and a copy of an application form. This initial meeting might be on a plant tour, a visit to our corporate headquarters, or some other occasion where we meet specifically to discuss a license opportunity. The FDD is a comprehensive source of information about our license opportunity, and includes detailed information, SWA financials, and a copy of our license agreement. The signed FDD receipt and completed application must be sent to SWA to continue the process.
Application and Preliminary Evaluation
As your interest continues, the SWA executive committee will review your application, experience, interest level, and progress to this point. With their encouragement, you can determine to move forward in the process.
Sales & Marketing/Business Plan
At this point, you will need to develop your sales and marketing plan, and your business plan. These plans are required following the preliminary evaluation. SWA will then review your plans and financial statements in our final review of your suitability as a licensee.
SWA Headquarters Visit
While under consideration for a Superior Walls license, we will invite you to our corporate headquarters in New Holland, PA. During your visit, you’ll meet many of the people who manage our business and support our licensees. You will be provided the opportunity to present a plan for developing the open license territory for which you applied. You’ll learn more about our training programs, systems and procedures and see how the forms and other equipment are manufactured.
License Agreement
Once SWA decides to offer you a license, we will provide you with the prepared license agreement. There is a required fourteen day waiting period before you can sign the agreement. The License Fee is paid with the execution of the agreement. Training, Certification, and Set-Up Fee is all paid before training begins.
Congratulations on your decision to join SWA. Together, we are changing the way homes are built across America and throughout the world. We welcome you and look forward to helping you every step of the way, from your start-up through the running of your successful Superior Walls business for many years to come.
Training Schedule
You will want to begin selling and installing walls as soon as possible, so some training sessions can be scheduled right away. Manufacturing training is usually the last segment, and is timed relative to your manufacturing plant’s start-up schedule.
Local Code Acceptance
When the License Agreement is executed, you should begin meeting with local building code officials to educate them about Superior Walls and secure acceptance in your market. SWA trains and assists you in working with code officials.
Sales and Installations Begin
Other SWA plants will assist you by manufacturing walls for you so that you can start selling and installing almost immediately. Your sales team should start selling as soon as they are trained on the product. Your goal at this stage is to have sales coming in steadily by the time your manufacturing plant is up and running.
Manufacturing Begins
Together, we've planned and prepared for your plant start-up. Your key personnel are onboard and have been trained and certified by SWA. Sales have been growing and installations are running smoothly. Now, you’re ready to begin manufacturing your own Superior Walls.

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