Standard License Model
Brief Description
Licensees under this model contract for the rights to a defined geographic territory, within which they establish a Superior Walls manufacturing facility, and hire and train production, sales and installation personnel in order to service their entire market area.
SWA will define an Area of Primary Responsibility (APR), which is a specific territory consisting of a list of counties, or other geographically defined area, to be served by licensee.
Yes, as long as annually determined Performance Standards are met or exceeded by licensee.
License Fee & Royalty Fee
In the US - $85,000 License Fee (includes start-up training package); in Canada - US$125,000 (includes start-up training package). Royalty is paid monthly by licensee to Superior Walls based on 4% of gross sales of Superior Walls Products. There are other smaller fees associated with these licenses which are fully described in the Superior Walls Disclosure Document.
A portion of start-up training is at Superior Walls of America, Ltd. corporate facility in New Holland, PA, or at a facility designated by Superior Walls, and part of the training is at the licensee’s location. Training includes; technical training in products, systems, and applicable building codes, SuperWalls system CAD training, marketing, manufacturing, installation, as well as certification of trained employees.
Required Equipment Purchases
Minimum of 240 feet of adjustable Xi forms (capable of producing wall heights of 8’2”, 9’ and 10’), and 80 feet of 4 ft. forms for producing frost walls for garages and porches. This proprietary forming equipment is purchased from Superior Walls of America.
Facility Requirements
30,000 sq. ft. building (120 x 240 building works well if new building), with two bays for production equipment, with two 5 – 7.5 ton overhead cranes with 21 ft minimum hook height.
Support Services by SWA
Phone and email support is provided after initial training, and if field visits are requested by licensee, licensee may be required to pay daily fees and travel costs.
Candidate Qualifications
Best candidates are individuals or companies who are well-known and respected by the home building community they serve. Candidate must have sufficient financial resources to immediately invest in sales and marketing activities within exclusive territories. We prefer new licensees be located adjacent to existing licensees for manufacturing support for start-ups.
Superior Walls does not provide financing. Some past and present licensees have been successful in obtaining SBA loans.
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